Where'd You Get That?

Paula Froelich
Editor at Large
May 23, 2014

What: Gold Fulani Earrings

Where: Segou, Mali

The Lowdown: The women of the Fulani tribe of West Africa take great pride in their appearance — they tattoo their mouths, weave huge amber beads, gold rings and coins into their hair and have some of the most elaborate, gorgeous jewelry ever. And by jewelry, I mean earrings.

Two Fulani women I met who gave me serious earring envy. 

Even before I went to Mali I was obsessed with these earrings thanks to the book, Africa Adorned, by Angela Fisher. So when I finally hit West Africa and the Niger River I kept my eyes peeled for a pair of these earrings. I finally hit jackpot just outside of Segou, a week and a half into my trip, I came upon a Fulani festival, where I met the lovely ladies in the above photo. Thankfully, they knew a friend who was selling some jewelry. I went over and after some negotiations, I got my earrings. I cant wear them in my ears, but I have wrapped them around my head as adornment a few times and they always make me feel pretty.