Restaurant Etiquette, as Told by Puppets

Rachel Tepper Paley

When it comes to etiquette, you can consult Emily Post or you can listen to puppets. If the latter option speaks to you, take a peek at this whimsical video explaining how to behave in a restaurant—hosted, natch, by a pair of furry friends.

The clip is the latest episode of the web show Glove and Boots, which features a red-hued, uncouth monster named Mario and the (of course!) more grounded Fafa, the groundhog. Our favorite line, courtesy of Mario: “Etiquette, what is that? French food? That sounds delicious; let’s try one!”

Of course, good restaurant etiquette extends beyond an eatery’s bricks and mortar establishment and right up to your front door. ”You know you have to have good etiquette with the delivery guy, too, right?” Fafa asks Mario.

"You mean I have to pay? Tip? And be nice for him? And then he leaves?" Mario replies, incredulous. "What are we, the Kennedys all of a sudden?"

Hate to break it to you, Mario, but good etiquette isn’t just for Kennedys; manners make the world go ‘round. Cue this up for your bad tipper friend before meeting up for Tuesday tacos. 

[via Laughing Squid]