What Your Refrigerator Says About You

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor
May 21, 2014

Can we learn something about people by looking into their private polar repository?”

Such is the question posed by this silly little video. Everyone has been in the situation of being mortified by the strange assortment of goods on her refrigerator shelves. Maybe you had nothing remotely edible, and your mom stopped by. Or you went to make something simple for your significant other, only to realize that the fridge contained lots of expensive condiments and nothing to bind them together.

The narrator calmly catalogs the type of person who must own each fridge based on its contents: sports drinks, orange chicken, and five different hot sauces must connote “any male living by himself, ages 18 to 32.” Half a bottle of Riesling, guzzled in haste? An exhausted mom.

Let this serve as an amusing yet apt reminder to stock up on cheap proteins, buy a bunch of tasty spring produce, or at the very least pour yourself a drink and keep that fridge door shut.

[via Laughing Squid]