Fire Up the Barbie... for Dessert!

Yahoo FoodAugust 7, 2014

By: GQ Editors

Wait, you cooked an entire hog but forgot dessert? C’mon, guy! Finish strong with grilled cobbler. Nobody will see it coming.


-  Heat a cast-iron skillet on the grill (medium temp) for about 10 minutes, then melt 4 tablespoons of butter in it.

-  Add a 20-ounce can of fruit (peach, blueberry, or cherry) and its pairing (a tablespoon of scattered cinnamon, 4 or 5 teaspoons of lemon juice, or a handful of pecans, respectively).

-  Whip up a box of cake mix according to the directions on the box and spoon it on top until the fruit is mostly covered. (You’ll have enough batter to make two cobblers.)

-  Cover the skillet loosely with aluminum foil.

-  Grill until the cobbler browns and the fruit bubbles (about 30 minutes).

-  Serve with ice cream and take off your apron. You’re done.

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