We've Got You Clooney: Here's Your Perfect Honeymoon

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George Clooney is finally settling down. But the middle-aged man candy is a busy guy—and his fiancée, international lawyer Amal Alamuddin, is even busier—so we here at Yahoo Travel decided to step in and give the couple a hand. We know how crazy wedding planning can be, but don’t worry George: we’ve got your back. Yesterday, we gave you the perfect wedding cake for your destination wedding and today, Yahoo Travel has pitched in to plan your perfect honeymoon.

Below is a list of ideal destinations where even the most intrepid paparazzo can’t follow you. 

Luxury yurts in Mongolia. (Photo: Thinkstock)

The Off-the-Grid Adventure

It ain’t easy for the paparazzi to track you down in a yurt in Mongolia’s Gobi desert. Amid towering sand dunes and dramatic canyons, Three Camel Lodge blends adventure with luxury. George and Amal can savor the Mongolian Steppe while making new friends with the nomads. The giddy newlyweds can bask in their matrimonial glow at the legendary Flaming Cliffs, the red-orange sandstone peaks that shine brilliantly during sunset. Sure there may be beetles in the showers, but nothing encourages a cuddle like cold desert temperatures and camel-hair blankets. 

The Safari Splurge

Since they began dating in October, the globetrotting duo has been spotted sipping tropical fruit juices in the Seychelles and touring Tanzania on a wildlife safari. The Africa veterans will love the newest addition to &Beyond’s portfolio of luxury lodges and camps: Mozambique’s soon-to-open Benguerra Island Lodge. When it debuts this June, this dazzling oasis will allow the jet-set duo to explore untouched beaches and coral reefs. Or they can relax in a private casita, lounge on hand-woven hammocks slung between indigenous coastal trees, and head out in a traditional dhow or sea kayak to search for a glimpse of the rare Sirenian dugong. (And you know that is at the top of George’s bucket list.)

An aerial view of the Seychelles—doesn’t get much more private than that. (Courtesy of North Island)

The Super Private Island

George is a creature of habit—known to return to some of his favorite spots again and again. (That’s why he bought a villa in Como, Italy.) For an all-star honeymoon in the Seychelles, the place is super-exclusive North Island. If it was good enough for Kate and Will, it’s good enough for the Clooneys. Quite possibly one of the most private private-island resorts on the planet, the rates start at a cool €2,482 a night—that’s a regal $3,450 in U.S. dollars, if you must ask. With 100 staffers catering to only 11 villas, it’s so exclusive that you can only get here by helicopter. And Amal, who fights for human rights, will dig the ethos: this feel-good resort is 100 percent sustainable and doubles as a scientific research lab, trying to reintroduce nearly extinct animal species.

Dinner for two at North Island. (Courtesy of North Island) 

The High Desert Escape

It’s no wonder the most seasoned world travelers are agog at the Atacama—the highest desert in the world, which looks like a Martian landscape. There are sand dunes, salt crystal mountain ranges, lagoons, volcanic geysers, llamas, and—to satisfy the 80s lover in George—(actual) flocks of seagulls. For the ultimate comfort, while the couple tries to adjust to the altitude, they can stay at the eco-friendly (Amal will like that!) Alto Atacama Spa and Resort. This stunning retreat features geo-thermal pools, a world-class spa, and a NASA grade telescope where you can see Saturn and all its rings during a star safari at night. 

The Atacama–in the middle of nowhere. (Photo: Thinkstock)

The Zen Honeymoon

Anybody who knows George knows he’s a soulful kind of guy. Just look at those eyes! So what better place to take his new bride to than the monasteries of Bhutan? The Amankora, is a series of high-end lodges located across the central and western valleys of Bhutan. The Paro Valley is home of the famed Tiger’s Nest monastery, built on a sheer cliff face, 9,678 feet in the air. After a healthy trek, the couple can unwind in Amankora’s world-renowned spas.

(Photo: Thinkstock)

The Hawaiian Hideaway

Both George and Kauai were stars in the blockbuster hit, The Descendants. No doubt he will want to show off the island paradise to Amal, and they can hide away at the intimate Pila’a Beach House. Set on 10 acres, this sprawling villa is perfect for privacy, thanks to its natural enclosure of Pacific swells and dramatic volcanic cliffs. If they decide to emerge, they can experience Kauai’s burgeoning farm-to-table revolution with the Taste of Kilohana tour. An open-air train will lead the couple through exotic orchards before allowing them to indulge with a luxe meal at the historic Wilcox House. 

Kauai—green and gorgeous. Photo: Thinkstock)

The Cabo Cradle of Comfort

George and Amal famously took their first big vacation together as an engaged couple in Los Cabos. And it’s no wonder: George has an extravagant house here, with panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez and a double-height courtyard adorned with wicker pendant lamps. If they feel like being social, besties Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber are their next-door neighbors. The couple might also be spotted playing the immaculately manicured green at the El Dorado Golf and Beach Club or watching the chef grill the daily catch at El Farallón.