We're Seeing It Everywhere: Brass Tableware

Sarah McColl
Editor in Chief
February 11, 2014

One minute you’re admiring the light bouncing off the warm brassware at a little hidden boîte at the end of a dead-end street, and the next thing you know—WHAM-O!—it’s a full-on trend. Vintage-hunters in particular can get behind this one. Hit Etsy and eBay for well-priced patinaed pieces, including mid-century Scandinavian-designed trays, serving pieces, and candleholders. But if you need an instant fix, want to give a super-glam hostess gift, or are just in need of a treat (it’s Tuesday!), allow us to suggest some stunners.

A thoroughly modern reinterpretation of the old-fashioned, scrolly trivet Mom kept on the kitchen table. Japanese brass trivet, $72, kaufmanmercantile.com

Your bottle of ginger ale never had it so good. Crest bottle opener, $60, fortstandard.com

"O’Brien, I’m feeling wild. I’ll take my breakfast tray in the sunroom," said Lady Grantham. Perimeter brass tray, $250, thefutureperfect.com

Yet another reason to bring back the coffee date. Brass vacuum jug, $149, dwell.com

Suddenly, that leftover pad Thai seems thrilling. Brass serving spoon, $70, thefutureperfect.com

Set a few of these out at cocktail hour filled with nuts, olives, and a deck of Uno. A Form bowl set, $90, yliving.com

Metallics come down to earth in this quintessentially Danish marriage of wood and hardware. Copenhagen coaster set, $42, leifshop.com

Wee Willie Winkie should have run through the house with this baby. ILSE candleholder, $140, thefutureperfect.com

For daisies, dahlias, or one giant, sculptural green leaf. Brass hexagon vase, $63, leifshop.com