Weird Cake Looks Like Giant Drop of Water

Rachel Tepper Paley

Photo credit: LaCiencibilidad/Twitter

Ever wonder what it’s like to bite into a drop of water?

Yes, bite. Visitors to two locations of Japanese confectionery Kinseiken Seika can find out precisely that (or the closest thing to it) by ordering mizu shingen mochi, a clear rice cake dessert resembling an enormous water drop.

The dessert is reportedly made with water from the Japanese Alps, and has a texture so delicate that after spending 30 minutes at room temperature, it disintegrates entirely.

And what does it taste like? It “has a pleasant natural sweetness” and “goes incredibly smoothly down your throat,” according to a tweet translated by the Asian culture site Rocket News 24.

"The sensation of eating the water cake was a bit surprising, since it felt like the cake turned into water in your mouth, but it was delicious," reads another translated tweet. “Highly recommended!”

Check out a few more pictures below, and be awed. 

Photo credit: berry_summer/Twitter

Photo credit: Jeeslot/Twitter

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