We Love Free Stuff! Get Hotel Rewards When You Tweet

Jo Piazza
Managing Editor
May 13, 2014

If I had a dollar for every time I tweeted, I would be a rich lady (or at the very least I could buy some great luggage).

Starting this week, Marriott will be rewarding visitors for proactive social sharing, by allowing them to earn points from their likes, tweets, and Instagram posts about their properties. 

The new PlusPoints program will let members instantly accumulate points through daily social media activity, earning as many as 2,000 points per month. Members will receive 25 points each time they share content about Marriott and 250 points when they like or follow a property page. 

(Courtesy: Facebook)

Marriott Rewards has composed a few hashtags for customers to use: #LoveMarriottRewards#RenHotels, or #Autograph.

PlusPoints are instantly loaded into the member’s Marriott Rewards account and a confirmation gets sent to them by email. It is all very civilized.

This is an interesting way for Marriott to track their customers. When you sign up, you connect the program to all of your social accounts. That way the hotel has a pretty good gauge on when you are traveling and how you are traveling, to better target their products for you when you are on the road. 

It’s worth keeping that in mind when you sign up for the program, the brand can track you through your social movements. That’s the trade-off, though, if you want them to give you free stuff. 

It’s a pretty great idea. I appreciate any brand that wants to pay me for doing something I already do. It’s also a low cost way for Marriott to leverage their consumers’ social networks. It would take a lot of tweets to get a free stay at one of the hotels, but at the end of the day, every little bit counts.