Wolf Tails, Onesies and Water: Awesomely Bad Souvenirs From Niagara Falls

Jo Piazza
Managing Editor
May 20, 2014

This weekend, Paula Froelich and I headed to the border of our neighbor to the Great White North, crossing the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side of Niagara falls for a day-trip from New York City with the Viator tour company. 

And immediately we were struck, not by the Falls—but by the stuff. We love nothing more than delightfully cheesy souvenirs, and there were a lot of them. We’re talking millions. I’m a snow globe girl myself. We searched far and wide for the things you will want to bring home from our favorite waterfalls to make people exclaim, “Hey where’d you get that?”

1. A Practical Onesie

2. Anything on an Amethyst

3. Plastic Molded Moose and Bear Heads

4. A Captain’s Hat and Tee

5. Coonskin Hats

6. Less Than Practical Onesie (Covered in Hockey-Playing Moose)

7. A Decorative Wolf T-shirt

8. This Excellent Sleep Mask

9. Wild Smoked Salmon

10. Water That Went Over the Falls