We Asked, You Answered: Here are Your #DreamTrips

Paula Froelich
Editor at Large
June 2, 2014

The island of Mustique. (Photo: Getty Images)

We here at Yahoo Travel love to hear from our readers. We also love to help make your dreams come true. And the first step in making dreams cone true is to know what your dreams are. So, we asked on Facebook and Twitter: What is your #DreamTrip? And we were deluged with answers. Here is where you want to go…

Afganistan — a dream trip for some. (Photo: Getty images)

Robbie Sokolowsky isn’t afraid of a little adventure and liked my trip to Afghanistan so much he wants to go, too.

Saudi Arabia. (Photo: Getty Images)

Clayton LaPlant is also feeling adventurous and said his dream trip is Saudi Arabia. No, really.

We clearly sold Cincinnati last week during our City Smackdown because Daniel Edward Rosen wants to go there now (we’re pretty sure he’s not being facetious, at all):

The Northern Lights. (Photo: Moyan Brenn/Flickr)

Over on Yahoo Travel’s Facebook page we got a deluge of replies. Tee Enn wants to see the Northern Lights and also answered for her mother who really would love to go to Japan and Europe.

The Himalayas. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ron Mwangaguhunga is dying to go on a Himalayan trek. (Ron: go to Darjeeling and trek into Sikkim next spring when the rhododendrons are in bloom!)

Stockholm. (Photo: Luca Moglia/Flickr)

Erica Ward is all about Stockholm and melding her travels with cooking and art.

Rocky Mountains. (Photo: Getty Images)

Matt Goebel wants to take a train ride through the Rocky Mountains into Canada.

Kathy Perry must be reading a lot of Yahoo Travel lately and is set on Las Vegas. 

My Aunt Dee wants to “go back to Ireland,” while Tamara Behan is dreaming about Mustique. “How about ten days in Mustique in a lovely beachside villa?” Behan writes. “It’s possibly one of the prettiest private islands left (in the world), with morning walks, horseback rides, picnics at Macaroni beach, and cocktails at the Beach Cafe at Cotton House.”

Yes, please! We agree!

“So, how do you make our dreams come true?” you may be asking. Well, sadly, we can’t just wave our wands and give everyone the trip of their dreams (yet, but we’re working on it!). What we can do is tell you how to do it. We do this in a variety of ways. We inspire you by giving you stories of people who have done it. From Erica Bray’s story on how she quit her job and traveled the world (on a budget), to our #RealTravel series featuring real life people doing amazing trips on affordable budgets like Shauna McKenzie, Lorraine Chin, or Merry Hutchins

And come back tomorrow, when I’ll be giving you my insider tips on how to do your dream trips for less.

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