For McDonald’s Virgins, Their First Time Is a Big (Mac) One

Rachel Tepper Paley
May 8, 2014

In this age of overconsumption, childhood obesity, and waffle tacos, it’s hard to believe that some people among us have never once been asked, “You want fries with that?”

Yet not only do McDonald’s virgins exist, BuzzFeed managed to round up three people whose parents discouraged the Golden Arches lifestyle, and convinced them to eat a Big Mac and fries on camera. And now they are McDonald’s virgins no more.

Their reactions are fascinating. For one, it’s really something to watch a person try anything for the first time. But when that thing is fast food—the nutritional value of which adults comprehend much better than, say, a Mickey D’s-crazed child does—there are clearly conflicting emotions.

"I feel slightly dirty, but a little more experienced," said one person after biting into a Big Mac. "They’re better than my expectation,” said another after downing a French fry, adding quickly, “I hope my parents never see this.”

Ah, the complete fast food experience. Guilt added, free of charge!