Travel Horoscope: Check Your Stars, Pack Your Bags, and Go

UntitledAugust 18, 2014

Israeli postage stamp from 1961 designed by I. Blaushild. (Photo: Karen Horton)

This #travelscope is for the week of August 18-24, 2014 

Highway 240. The Badlands National Park, South Dakota USA (Photo: Adam Senatori)


The planets are provoking you a little these days, Aries. Got any unresolved fears hiding beneath the surface? Not sure? Check into any vertigo you may have as you stand beneath the teetering hoodoos that sit so precariously atop the stone columns in the Badlands of South Dakota. Or face arachnophobia square in the cephalothorax as you walk under “Maman,” the giant spider sculpture at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. Connect with your courage this week and release anything that isn’t in alignment with that.

Himalaya Landscape, Gokyo Ri, Sagarmatha National (Photo: Feng Wei Photography/Getty Images)



Your relationships are going through changes, Taurus, and you may need some unusual support as you work through the new growing pains. Check out some trust exercises at a couples’ retreat in Texas, or head into the Himalayas and sit quietly at a meditation center and allow things to unravel. What it all really comes down to is this: Are you as open with your heart and as honest with your feelings as you would truly like to be? It’s time to let go of what may be blocking you and the flow of your love.

Ice Canyon, Greenland (Photo: James Balog/National Geographic)



The Moon in your sign early in the week, Gemini, is making your mind stir and your fingers tingle. Break out the paintbrushes this week and put the things you’ve been thinking and dreaming about on canvas. Envision yourself in Sergipe, Brazil whose red-rock canyons filled with emerald-green water are a perfect setting to re-create. Or capture the brilliance of the  Ice Canyon in Greenland, with its bold colors and ever-changing ice mountains. Bring your visions to life this week.

(Photo: brytta/E+/Getty Images)



The Moon in your sign early in the week is urging you to get down and earthy with your loved one. Hop on a houseboat for a famous Kerala Backwaters tour where you can experience the beauty of southern India, and indulge in one of its healing Ayurvedic massages. Or scoot on down to San Francisco for swing dancing downtown. Relax into it all, Cancer, and have some fun with love.

The pink sand beach with crystal waters at Elafonisi, Crete (Photo: George Tsartsianidis/Thinkstock)



Venus and Jupiter are right on top of each other in your sign now, Leo, and the Moon joins into the mix for the weekend. Satisfy Jupiter and be inspired by the out-of-this-world acoustics at a concert at the Rock Church (Temppeliaukio) in Helsinki (it is literally carved out of solid rock and looks like a UFO!). Or tune in to Venus’s needs and head to Elafonisi, a dreamy beach at the tip of western Crete with pale pink sand and shallow turquoise water that goes on forever and is reachable only by boat or a trek down a cliffside trail. Satisfy the planets’ needs this week and find yourself delighted as well.

Kaputas beach near Kalkan, Turkey (Photo: Ken Welsh/Photodisc/Getty Images)



As the Sun shifts into your sign this week, you are put into the spotlight. But it’s a different version of you. It’s the gentle, poetic, dreamy Virgo you keep for only a few to see. From its glorious beaches to its nearby ancient ruins of Ephesus, Izmir, Turkey, has all you need to hold you during your sea change. Or dream under the northern lights as you head to Whitehorse in the Yukon to see the aurora borealis dance across the sky (it also happens to be a great time of year to see them!). Step into the spotlight this week, Virgo, and embrace the romantic in you.

Juliet’s Balcony in Verona (Photo: alxpin/E+/Getty Images)



The planets are still lining up showering you with abundance, support, and opportunities to see your dreams manifest in the world. With the Moon highlighting your ideas and work this week, it’s your chance to dream big and connect with people who can help make those dreams come to life. Let these winds of change blow through the Windy City as you make solid connections for your future. Or proclaim your vision to the world from Romeo and Juliet’s balcony in Verona, Italy. Don’t be afraid to get lofty this week, Libra. That’s where change is born.

Mount Katahdin (Photo: Simon Massicotte/Moment Open/Getty Images)



Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon are reminding you to have fun, be creative, and not forget the vision you hold, Scorpio. Be crystal clear about how you want to present your beliefs, your dreams, your ideas — yourself — to the world. Find clarity on a hike up the ancient mountains of Maine. Outline the bones of your plan as you walk along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia where the sand dunes meet the crashing waves of the Atlantic. This week, let the power of nature bring you clarity and deeper focus.

Sunset in Santorini (Photo: Adam Jones/Digital Vision/Getty Images)



Poetry and ideals are flooding your thoughts. Devotion, connecting from the heart and from the soul, is key this week as Venus and Jupiter meet. Gather with those who hold the ideals of love up high, as they ought to be held: poets, artists, writers… Enjoy the Symphony by the Sea during Virginia Beach’s Neptune Festival. Or gather with the dreamers in Oia, Santorini, and watch the sunset over the caldera. Keep the beacon of love shining brightly this week, Sagittarius. It’s part of your purpose these days, and what a beautiful job that is!

Laguna de los Tres and Fitz Roy (Photo: Serge Kruppa/Moment/Getty Images)


Transformation is upon you, Capricorn. You are doing the deep work now, and the Moon is supporting you to go inward and shift as you need to. Grab your fleece and head south to Laguno de los Tres in Patagonia at the tip of South America, where the beauty is boundless and the transformation of the land is unstoppable. Or go west to mystical Sedona, Arizona, where the red-rock canyons and vortexes will draw you in and hold you as you do your inner work. This week, connect to the earth and release whatever is no longer serving you.

Relax in Martinique (Photo: Laurent Sauvel/Moment Open/Getty Images)



These are the days of giving back, Aquarius. Whether it’s in interpersonal ways or on a global level, your service is appreciated. This week, head to the beaches and hammocks of Martinique or Miami, where the Moon is giving you a chance to have some fun and lift a glass to toast the (sometimes invisible) work you’ve been putting out there. Thank you for your service and for inspiring others to join in, whether you realize it or not.

(Photo: Justin Horrocks/E+/Getty Images)


The subtle shifts in the sky this week are putting the spotlight on your unions, professional and personal. Take a moment to make sure their beliefs and ideals are in alignment with yours. Whether you are meeting in the skyscrapers of Dubai or in a boat in the Puget Sound, this is the time to decide who is simpatico for you. There is abundant energy supporting your connections now, so make sure you have like-minded people on your side. Do you? 

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