Travel Horoscope: Check Your Stars, Pack Your Bags, and Go!

Yahoo TravelApril 26, 2014

Israeli postage stamp from 1961 designed by I. Blaushild. (Photo: Karen Horton)


Aries—it’s a good month to go zipping through the jungle. (Photo: Jordan Humphreys)

Kicking off the week with the Moon in your sign will make you extra feisty, Aries, and is going to make you want to go, Go, GO! Lucky for you, moving your muscles helps you release those deeper emotions and think more clearly. You have strong support this week in some fantastic spots around the globe. Consider biking down a volcano in Maui, zip lining through the tree canopies in Costa Rica, or running along the beach in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. These locations will allow you to physically push yourself to the limit. 


Peace and solitude in Majorca. (Photo: Weesam)

You are getting astro-slammed this week, Taurus! Both the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in your sign on the 29th give you a chance to dig deep and express yourself. First, allow for some quiet time to get pampered with a nice hot-stone massage and a long soak in a hot spring. All of this astrological energy is supporting you in clearing away the cobwebs and will help you feel like yourself again. Looks like some island time in your near future: Majorca, Ireland, and Iceland are all highlighted for you this week. Too far to go? Austin, Texas is also showing up for you. (It’s like an island in the middle of Texas!) Nothing like a dip in Barton Springs, some BBQ, and music on 6th Street to bring Taurus back to center. Bring your favorite Libra along.


The city that never sleeps may be exactly what Gemini needs. (Photo: Dan Spratt)

You’re going to have Spring Fever and need an early weekend, Gemini, as the Moon moves into your sign on Thursday, May 1st, and stays with you through Saturday, May 3rd. Quick! Make your plans now! You’re going to need lots of stimulation, so cities are the place for you. Lucy for you, New York City is strongly supported for you this week. Feeling more adventurous? Cairo and Tokyo are also in your spotlight. As usual, bring a friend along—preferably another air sign who can keep up with you, or your favorite Virgo pal (these Virgins are sharing some locations with you). You’ll come home with more contacts than you might even be able to manage, and maybe even some future vacation getaways. Be picky this week! You don’t need any energy vampires coming along for the ride.


Posada la Poza in Baja California. (Photo: Rocky A)

The Moon is working well with you this weekend, Cancer. It will settle into your sign Sunday, May 4th, through Tuesday of the next week. You have two choices: either wrap up your weekend early and get home sweet home where you can putter around in your pj’s, sip some chai, and listen to the birds chirp outside your window. Or get thee to the ocean. My vote is for the latter, of course. Water-loving Cancer always benefits from the saltwater breeze and hearing the waves crash on shore. And isn’t it nice that you have support showing up all along the beaches of Baja California, the Indian beach town of Goa, and Eastern Australia? I know these places have cozy bungalows to rent and chai to sip. Oh yeah, and they have birds, too. Just fill your feeder before you head back.


Whale watching in Nova Scotia. (Photo: Lilyo)

Oh Leo, you are fabulous and adventurous this month. The Avenue of the Baobabs in Madagascar? The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul? Whale-watching in Nova Scotia? Who does these things? You do, Leo. The planets are lining up in these locations, supporting you to explore the grandeur of the world. Take the time to enjoy these spaces from your heart. And make sure you snap photographs wherever you go this week. You have an eye for capturing that perfect moment, and you may want to frame one of them and bring back some of that awe into your home. Maybe a nice kilim rug, too.


Romantic possibilities await in Istanbul. (Photo: Moyan Brenn)

This week is all about getting the love out. Yes, you, Virgo. You’ve been flying under the radar lately, but it’s time to express your gratitude to the many supporters in your life. Take the time to check in with every person you feel supports you—it will make their week (and yours). Then link up with one of your favorite Gemini or Leo friends, as they are being beckoned to many of the same spots on the globe. You’ve got excellent connections this week to New York City, Cairo, and Istanbul. Whatever you do, make sure you travel with fun people you love and who love and support you in return. With Venus and Neptune sitting in your house of relationships, this lovefest could open up the possibility of love at first sight. 


The harbor at night in Povlja, Croatia. (Photo: Mrgarrish)

This has been a powerful few weeks for you, Libra. The recent eclipses have highlighted your sign and given you the opportunity to look deeply at yourself in partnership and as an individual. The take-home message from the eclipses: keep good company and you will always feel strong in yourself. Connect with a Taurus friend this week in Austin, Texas. You will surely have a blast and know you have a good companion in your fellow Venus sign. The understated yet stunning countries of Portugal and Croatia are also showing up for you this week. The seaside town of Cascais, Portugal could present the perfect mix of relaxed and chic you are craving, Libra. Or let the soothing Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Croatia, bring balance back during this karma-filled time for you. Wherever you go, it’s about keeping healthy boundaries and relaxing in good company.


Feeding the elephants at Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai. (Courtesy: Patara Elephant Camp)

It’s road-trip time, Scorpio. With many planets—including the recent Lunar Eclipse—sitting in your 12th house of confinement, it is time to make a break for it. Get yourself to the Sunshine State. Start on the Gulf Coast and work your way down to the Florida Keys through Alligator Alley. Have the time to go further than that? Cape Town, South Africa, is also an excellent place for you to explore this week: you can kayak with crocodiles there. (See a theme, wild Scorpio?) If that seems a little dull, then a trek on the back of an elephant to Chiang Mai, Thailand, should fit the bill. You have exciting placements showing up for you in all of these fantastic locations. This 12th house energy ignites deep and karmic transformation. Sometimes we need to grab the reins (or the steering wheel or the tusk) and help to steer our own ships. Journeying is highly recommended for you now, will help you to uncover what is going on beneath the surface. You will gain profound insight into your strengths and will end up with a deeper understanding of where you are headed in the long term. Enjoy the ride!


Rejuvenate by the turquoise waters of the Fiji Islands. (Photo: Christan Haugen)

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is connecting with the beautiful beaches of Thailand this week—as well as the magnificent Fiji Islands, and the pink sands of the Bahamas. It is chill time, Sag—at least on the outside. It’s time to take a break and retreat inward for a moment. Get to a soothing location with friends who will  let you relax. This is a week when a lot of emotion is coming up for release, so let it go. The lesson this week: how to honor and release emotions without becoming the drama. You should choose friends wisely, so take a good look at your circle. Who can hold this sacred space for you? Be with them. Who is not able to? Connect another time. You are finding your home now, and it all starts within.


Miami’s South Beach at night. (Photo: Wyn Van Devante)

It’s bright lights big city time for you, Capricorn. Miami! Rio de Janeiro! Tokyo! With so many exciting planets sitting in your house of music, dance, and fun fun fun, you need to get yourself out into the spotlight! Not feeling it? These same placements also connect with courage and motivation. So what needs shaking up? Start with you—literally. These cities like to move, and they will be good for you. You may notice that all of this movement is contagious and could spill over into other areas of your life. This is not a bad thing. You do have some energy floating around your house of career, signaling it could be time for a change. With transformative Pluto sitting directly on top of you, you may feel drawn to the excitement and drama of one of these far off places. Embrace it. It will be good for you, Capricorn. You can handle the stimulation.


Amsterdam at Sunset. (Photo: Werner Kunz)

I know everyone thinks you are wacky and wild, Aquarius, but this week you will benefit from some Old World charm and some good food. The canals and cobblestones of Amsterdam are calling you. Explore this historic and funky city while nibbling on some delicious Dutch spiced speculaas cookies. New Orleans has the same vibe for you this week, and there’s plenty of gumbo, beignets, and po’boys waiting. You could also take in some music during Jazz Fest (nice timing, Aquarius). Or take a walk along the Promenade des Anglais in the South of France resort of Nice. Just make sure you have some pissaladiere in hand. The key for you is to connect to your karmic roots, stroll the streets, and take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the City. With Venus close by, your eyes and ears will be drinking up the beauty around you. Place yourself in beautiful uplifting places and be transported back in time.


Sunset in Sedona. (Photo: Bill Gracey)

Love-centered Venus and mystical Neptune are sitting in your sign this week, while the abundant and expansive Jupiter is hanging out in your house of fun and dating. Pisces, you are ready for Cupid to strike at any moment. Get in alignment by reading some Rumi, listening to any music that fills your heart, and staying open to what the universe has in store for you. You are ready for real transformation this week—so be prepared. Some amazingly beautiful and etheric places are also lining up for you. Let the Red Rocks of Sedona draw you in. Or try a swim with the dolphins in Baja California. Better yet: in the Azores you can reconnect with your Atlantian home. You may never want to return. Hmm…perhaps that special someone is waiting there? Go and see.

Our travel astrologer Alexia Neonakis is a graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico where she studied with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Claudia Welch. She has been analyzing Vedic charts professionally for over seven years, but has been drawing up charts for everyone she knows since she was about 13 years old.