WATCH: How to Save in a Big Way on Your Next Rental Car

Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
August 21, 2014

1. Name your own price.

Priceline is about much more than just those commercials with William Shatner — it’s a great place to get a deal. It has a feature called “Name Your Own Price” that’s pretty self-explanatory and actually works. 

You enter your city, select your preferred type of car, and then enter how much you want to pay. The site calculates your request and comes back with an answer. Sometimes you get what you bid, and sometimes you don’t. But the last time I used it I saved $10 a day on the car I was renting. So it’s definitely worth a try!

2. Go offsite.

Renting a car at the airport is usually more expensive, purely because it’s more convenient. So the next travel hack is to rent a car at an offsite location. This won’t work for everyone, but if you can have a friend drive you to a rental car lot that’s not at the airport, you can save anywhere from $30 to $80.

3. Clear those cookies.

I like to play the field, so I am a loyalty member with several rental car companies. I like getting the weekly emails with discount codes and deals. But sometimes that can work against me.

When I book directly on a company’s website, it knows that I have been on the site before because of the cookies on my browser. Because of this, sometimes the prices quoted are higher, regardless of the fact that I am logged in as a loyalty member. To prevent this from happening, you can clear the cookies on your Internet browser. This way, the rental car site will think it’s your first visit and will offer you a better deal. The same applies if you’re booking flights or hotels online.

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