There's Quinoa In Our Chocolate (And We Like It)

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Top 10 Quinoa Products

From delicious chocolate bars with puffed quinoa to fantastic vegan energy bars, here are 10 inventive quinoa products.—Julia Heffelfinger

Jcoco Agave Quinoa Sesame Chocolate Bar
This silky-smooth chocolate bar hits all of the right sweet and salty notes—the quinoa is puffed for a little crunch and the sesame seeds add a subtle toastiness that pairs very well with the agave. Though it’s on the pricey end, this creative chocolate combo is highly recommended for those who crave something unusual. $8 for 3 oz;

Corsair Distillery Quinoa Whiskey
Released in 2011, this American whiskey is distilled from red and white quinoa and malted barley. The grains lend an unexpected nuttiness to this spirit that definitely makes it worth a taste. $50 for 750 ml;

NatureCrops Quinoa Flakes
Made from quinoa that has been rolled flat and toasted, this product is almost as versatile as the grain itself. Use as a gluten-free breading for chicken or mix into baked goods for some added protein. $5 for 11 oz;

Simply7 Quinoa Chips
As someone who thinks that most “healthy” chips taste like cardboard, I was impressed with the snackability of these all-natural baked quinoa chips. Light, salty, crispy—this snack comes highly recommended. Available in sea salt, sour cream–and-onion, cheddar and barbeque. $2.50 to $3.50 for 3.5 oz;

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Photos courtesy of Jcoco (chocolate), Corsair Distillery (whiskey), NatureCrops (flakes), Simply7® Snacks (chips)

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