This Is How the Gluten-Free Do Breakfast

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
May 14, 2014

All week, soon-to-launch magazine Wild Apple's Liza Jernow and Tara Donne are schooling us on what, exactly, “gluten-free” means and how those of you with celiac can eat healthfully—and decadently. (And yes, those things can happen at the same time.)

Photo credit: Liza Jernow and Tara Donne

Among our favorite things to eat for breakfastor any time of day, reallyare toasted corn tortillas with mashed avocado, lime juice, chili flakes, and flaky sea salt. 

The dish is unctuous, it’s filling, and the chili and lime add brightness. Avocado toast has become a hot item on restaurant menusand we can’t have it!so this is our gluten-free version. Yes, each ingredient in this snack is naturally free of gluten. (As always, though, read the tortilla packing label to be sure.)

We love the traditional Mexican method of toasting corn tortillas over open fire or on a comal, and we imitate it in our New York apartments with a pair of tongs and a gas flame. Otherwise, there’s not much work involved. This is how we do it:

If you have a gas stove and a pair of tongs, toast the tortilla over a medium-low flame, keeping it moving so it doesn’t catch on fire. Then flip and toast the other side. You’re looking for the tortilla to be browned in spots and scorched a bit around the edges (we love those crunchy bits). If you have an electric stove, you can do the same thing on a coil burner or in a dry frying pan. 

After removing the tortilla from the heat, place 1/4 of a ripe, peeled avocado in its center and mash the avocado with the back of a fork. Squeeze a bit of lime juice all over, sprinkle with chili flakes and flaky sea salt.  Drizzle lightly with high quality extra-virgin olive oil. We tend to fold them in half at this point, New York pizza slice-style, so they fit more easily (and quickly) in our mouths.

—Liza Jernow and Tara Donne, Wild Apple

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