Could You Kill Your Own Lobster?

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor

There’s a reason they call it the “omnivore’s dilemma.”

In this video, the good folks at Saveur demonstrate the humane way to slay a lobster. The soundtrack? Faux classical. The typography? Wes Anderson–esque. The 0:22 second mark? Tough to watch. 

As you’ll see when you click, even though this poor crustacean was chilled before being slain, he was still moving in the moments just before the cook stabbed him behind the brain (which is apparently among the kinder, more humane ways to kill a lobster).

That doesn’t mean it’s easier—even for a committed carnivore—to watch, and we don’t recommend viewing this if you’re right about to eat. 

Much has been written about the ethics of killing an animal for dinnerMany swear by the experience, which they say connects them to the beast itself. Others, such as chef Sara Jenkins, disagree. And while it’s arguably hypocritical for carnivores to feel this way, many shiver at the thoughts of killing a still-moving animal with their own hands. 

Where do you fall on the debate?