There's a Lot of Drinking in 'The Other Woman'

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
April 29, 2014

Not even the very entertaining Leslie Mann could save “The Other Woman,” a movie about three women cuckolded by the same man, in theaters now. (Spoiler alert! They bind together to take down the rascal and become besties in the end.) It was “The First Wives Club” for the “Sex and the City” (movie) era, but without Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, or Sarah Jessica Parker, a.k.a. The Only Reasons “The First Wives Club” Was Any Good.

But we saw it anyway, because there was promise of numerous booze-fueled antics in the trailer. If an ad can pack that many sips into its 30 seconds, how much drinking could there be in the actual movie?

"If we find any new mistresses, I’ll enter us in rehab," says Cameron Diaz’s character, in a nod to the film’s cocktail-heavy script. You might want to anyway, gals.

We open with a happy couple happily toasting to a happy, American flag-waving New York day.

Soon, though, one half of the couple is driven to martinis. (Her dad’s a great drinking buddy.)

Wife of cheater meets girlfriend of cheater. Drinking ensues. (Whiskey shots not pictured.)

Just a nice glass of vino to accompany an evening of solitude…

But then there’s a visitor, which requires more bottles to be opened.

And then, the vodka comes out.

Fashion-show-in-closet-whose-floor-doubles-as-a-bar drinks. (Ladies, you know what we’re talking about.)

Those who drink away the pain together wake up in pain together, with half-empty glasses by their sides. 

The vodka hath returned!

A night on the town calls for Champagne.

Now we’re on a beach trip. It starts with Bud Heavy.

As the sun sets, it turns to wine. 

And over a bonfire, gargles and giggles. (We didn’t capture it, but there are bottles in the sand.)

Confrontation. Over drinks. 

Flirtation. Over drinks.

Rum punch on an island getaway. 

And we close on three happy gals, toasting to their newfound friendship with bubbly.