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Revel Casino, Atlantic City

Hope you didn’t bet on this baby becoming a winner. Only two years after opening their doors,Revel Casinowill shut them for good next month. The $2.4 billion glass-covered casino, which opened in April 2012, sits on the north end of the Boardwalk. The goal was for the luxury resort to help provide a much-needed boost to the declining gambling scene in Atlantic City. However, it never turned a profit. After declaring bankruptcy twice — the last time in June — the company finally decided to wind down the business. The last roll the dice will be September 10.

The World’s Biggest (and Most Expensive) Travel Flops

Yahoo TravelAugust 29, 2014

The key to any successful vacation is in the planning. The same can be said for making a vacation destination a thriving hot spot. But as it turns out, many tourist attractions weren’t thought out that well. Case in point: Revel Casino. After two years in business, the luxury resort and casino in Atlantic City just announced that it would be closing its doors forever in September.

And while this seems to be a big fail, it isn’t the worst travel flop on record.

Shockingly, there are lots of hotels, entertainment parks, and even beaches that have proved the saying “the devil is in the details.” We rounded up the worst travel flops ever.