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The Peninsula Tokyo — Tokyo

You’ll never look at a toilet the same way again. The one in this bathroom automatically raises the seat cover when you approach and closes when you’re done. But the experience doesn’t stop there: It has buttons for seat heating, a water massage, a bidet function, drying capabilities, and an electronic “Do not disturb” sign to maintain privacy on your porcelain throne.

The 13 Greatest and Grandest Hotel Bathrooms

Yahoo TravelJuly 23, 2014

The bathroom: We all have to use it. Aside from some guys who stay locked in there for an hour, we really have no appealing reason to hang out in the W.C. But what if your grooming experience came with a serious upgrade? From 24-karat gold-plated sinks to Eiffel Tower toilet-side views, these are the 13 most luxurious bathrooms in the world.