The Perfect, Most Scientific Beer Pour

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
January 27, 2014

The dens of football-loving households across the country will be filled wall-to-wall with coolers of beer and platters of nachos this weekend. If you don’t know why, you can click away from this post right now.

Just kidding! Sunday is the 48th annual Super Bowl. Whether or not you love the game, you might love beer, and in this video, Chris Clarke of Head Squeeze walks us all through the five steps—scientific ones!—that will help you achieve that perfect pour. 

You may already tilt your glass when transferring canned or bottled brew, but do you tilt it at the right angle? And you may already practice “the long pour,” but do you know why it’s so important to maintain a head? Clarke does, and he also knows how to drink the beer once it’s successfully poured: “Take measured mouthfuls of the drink to ensure you don’t slurp away all that carefully constructed foam and ruin the steady release of aromas as you drink.” 

While he is hopefully a little looser actually drinking a beer than he is instructing how to pour it, stick with the video all the way through and Clarke will definitely change your pouring game. 

[Head Squeeze via Gizmodo]