The Most Common Restaurant Complaints

Rachel Tepper Paley
July 9, 2014

Are you the type of person who speaks up at a restaurant? One who flags down a waiter to complain about a water glass in desperate need of re-filling, or a steak served cold?

Not everyone is, which is why Consumer Reports’s recent survey of restaurant complaints is so validating. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell a waiter that your table’s location leaves something to be desired—38 percent of the 1,003 adults Consumer Reports surveyed also hate a table that’s placed too near a door, kitchen, or other undesirable spot. (Personal pet peeve: Bathroom!) 

More than half of respondents are annoyed by slow service, while 61 percent dislike being rushed to finish or leave by a server. But the most common complaint? Seventy-six percent are turned off by dirty utensils or tables (which we’ve heard before).

Below, check out Consumer Reports’ in-depth graphic breaking down their findings.

Graphic provided by Consumer Reports. (Click here for larger version.)