Gourmet Flavored Toothpicks, Anyone?

Rachel Tepper Paley

The days of drab, ordinary toothpicks may be numbered. Montreal-based company PhoodStation brings us Castor, a line of “gourmet” toothpicks that feature two different flavors on a single stick.

If a Kickstarter campaign to bring the picks to market is successful—which is looking likely, since PhoodStation has already raised about 40 percent of its total goal—toothpick flavors like habanero-honey, bacon-maple, dill-pickle-mustard, raspberry-wasabi, and sake-blueberry could become a reality.

Photo credit: PhoodStation

"The toothpick is one of the oldest human tools—it has been around forever but has never really been revamped," says PhoodStation president David Desjardins in the Kickstarter video above. "The toothpicks available are quite boring. They’re usually cheap and when they taste like anything, it’s hard to control flavors.”

His toothpicks, he says, are the solution. Although products like cinnamon and cherry-flavored toothpicks are currently on the market, we’ve yet to see any flavors quite like Castor’s. The wooden picks are also longer and thicker than standard toothpicks, which Desjardins says makes them ideal for skewering a cocktail garnish or an hors d’oeuvre. 

And they sound like they’re way tastier than any dental floss. Not that they’re a substitute. But you know.

[via Laughing Squid]