Stay in a Lighthouse or Helicopter: The Coolest Hotel in Every State

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Credit: Shutterstock

By Matt Meltzer

Unless your name happens to be Arthur Fonzarelli (in which case, that’s crazy!), it’s hard to define the word “cool”. And even harder to apply the label to hotels, when “cool” could mean historic, or trendy, or that the place is actually a decommissioned Coast Guard helicopter with a full-service bar… in your room!

But since we’re not above doing hard work, we tried to figure out just how each state would define cool, and then applied that spirit to their hotels. In the end, we came up with what we think is each state’s coolest, most emblematic hotel. Or we were wildly off. You decide.


Credit: Battle House

The Battle House Renaissance Hotel & Spa — Mobile, AL

With a badass name like The Battle House, you’d assume this place was some sort null