The Best Thing to Ever Come Out of Taco Bell

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
March 18, 2014

Photo credit: @TacoBell

Because it certainly wasn’t a taco.

Taco Bell has collaborated with the Hundreds, “the world’s first social merchandising company,” to produce taco socks. While we don’t know exactly what “social merchandising” is, we do know that this Los Angeles-based brand is producing some pretty cute skater boi duds, including these "Yum Yum" socks:

These feature a food item I’d gladly eat. As for Taco Bell, I’ll buy the socks, not the gorditas, thanks.

For those of you who want to support the Land of the Smothered Burrito both inside and out, you’ll have to wait. Despite Taco Bell’s announcement tweet, which said “This is not a drill,” it seems it was. Because the socks are not yet for sale. Keep an eye on the Hundreds site for that, and in the meantime, keep on chomping on chalupas.

[via Jezebel]