The 6 Essential Grilling Tools, According to Steven Raichlen

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

For two weeks, we’ve got top chefs sharing their little-known tricks for backyard cooking.

DO buy a chimney starter. It’s only 15 bucks! Photo credit: The Home Depot

You really, really don’t need that “flavor injector.” It will not make your life easier; it will make it worse

What will make your life easier is sticking to the essentials. No fuss, no overloaded kitchen cabinets, no wasted dollars. Here are grilling expert Steven Raichlen's six picks, from his new book Man Made Meals

1. Chimney starter (for lighting a charcoal grill)
2. Stiff wire grill brush (for cleaning the grill grate)
3. Long-handled spring-loaded tongs (for turning the food and oiling the grate) 
4. Pair of heavy suede grill gloves (for handling the chimney and other hot items)
5. Instant-read thermometer for checking doneness
6. Fire extinguisher (not that you’ll ever need it, but better safe than sorry)

Got those things? Good. Now, put down the credit card, pick up the tongs, and make yourself a steak