5 Ways to Use Worcestershire Sauce (Other Than Steak)

Rachel Tepper Paley
August 27, 2014

That half-empty bottle of Worcestershire sauce languishing in the back of your refrigerator? The one you only haul out when you’ve accidentally overcooked the steak? There’s more than one way to put the pungent condiment to use—and you’ll be glad for them come Labor Day.

In the video above, “Kitchen Conundrums” host Thomas Joseph explains how a few glugs of Worcestershire—an umami-rich sauce often made with white vinegar, molasses, sugar, onions, anchovies, garlic, cloves, and tamarind extract—deepens the flavor complexity of any dish.

Try, for instance, mixing it into raw ground turkey before sculpting the meat into burger patties. Joseph also folds Worcestershire into a simple dip of Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, and minced shallots; he suggests serving it with crudités, spreading it on a sandwich, or slathering it on a burger. Want a salty-sweet snack? Sprinkle raw nuts with brown sugar, salt, cayenne pepper, and (of course) Worcestershire, then bake them for 20 minutes.

If that’s not enough Worcestershire for you, then you can always whisk it into an herbaceous vinaigrette of olive oil and thyme or a classic spicy-and-savory Bloody Mary cocktail.

"There are so many ingredients in this little bottle that it really does a lot," Joseph says.” It’s one of those secret ingredients that packs flavor.” Secret’s out!