Terracotta Soldiers Made of Bread Might Be Too Pretty to Eat

Rachel Tepper Paley
June 4, 2014

All photos credit: Conjurer’s Kitchen

Let’s get real: Despite the current gluten-free fad, you’re still gaga for bread. Carb-y, carb-y bread. Who can say no to yeasty Parker House rolls, or to crackly, speckled Dutch Crunch rolls? We certainly couldn’t turn down these absolutely jaw-dropping warriors made from pizza dough.

The 10-inch-tall bread statues are the work of United Kingdom–based food artist Annabel de Vetten, who fashioned them to look like the famous cache of terracotta soldiers discovered in a Chinese emperor’s tomb in 1974. The occasion? International chain Pizza Express opened its 500th outpost, which happened to be in Beijing.

And these babies are detailed. Get a load of each soldier’s intricate armor and delicate hand positioning. Even the warriors’ facial hair is spot-on.

We could stare at these bread soldiers for hours. And then, and only then, we might bring ourselves to eat one.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]