Teen Buys New Sneakers for Classmate Bullied Over Shoes

Air Jordan shoes have been one of Nike's most popular shoe styles. (Photo: Getty Images)
The Air Jordan sneaker is one of Nike’s most popular shoe styles. (Photo: Getty Images)

The news of one teen’s actions to help another student being bullied might just be the heartwarming story you need after the culmination of such a contentious election cycle.

A high school student in South Carolina, Tae Moore, noticed one of his fellow classmates, Taylor Bates, was being bullied because of the way he talked and dressed. He decided to surprise Bates with a pair of new Air Jordans to make him “feel better.” Moore posted a video of their exchange on Facebook, which has already been viewed almost 3 million times.

“This kid that goes to our school is named Eazy E. He likes to rap and etc., and said he wants to be a rapper. He is just trying to chase his dream, but kids at school like to bully him and pick on him and talk about the way he dresses and looks. So I went and bought him some Jordans. He was shocked,” he posted alongside the video.

In the video, Bates is completely floored by the gesture and asks Moore if he wants payment in return for the shoes, which Moore denies while insisting he try on the new pair of sneakers.

Bates posted a photo with Moore on his Instagram page in which he thanked the student for his kindness and recounted the full story to his followers.

According to Bates, Moore approached him the day before gifting him the sneakers to ask him what size he wore, also telling him to meet him in the same spot the next day. When he arrived the next day, the teen handed him a new pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro sneakers. He also told Bates to let him know if anyone bothers him in the future. Bates was so moved by Moore’s gesture that he almost cried. He added the hashtag “#thereareawesomepeopleintheworld” to his photo, showing just how much the small act of kindness meant to him.

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