The Tastiest Street Snacks Around the World

UntitledJuly 28, 2014

(Photo: Safia Osman/Flickr)

From New York to Thailand, we here at Yahoo Travel love street snacks. It’s the tastiest, safest prepared, and most democratic food you can eat regardless of where you’re traveling. Street meats are made by the people, for the people, and are prepared right in front of you.  

Does this make you nervous? This meat is cooked at 1,000 degrees, ensuring the roasting of any bacterium that may cause you trouble.

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We indulge in these low-cost delicacies every chance we get. Here are some of our favorites for some local street flavor:

Thailand: Small fried fish on a stick. They stack four pieces of fish onto a single skewer like a fish kebab. It is crispy, salty, and delicious.

India: Vegetarian samosas. Fried right in front of you! You can’t go wrong with the samosa.   

Fresh samosas ready to eat (Photo: Nicolas Mirguet/Flickr)

Afghanistan: Bolani. Baked or fried vegan flatbread filled with potatoes, spinach, lentils, and pumpkin.

Man selling Bolani (Photo: AP Images)

For a beautiful view of Afghan street snacks, check out this Pinterest page

Afghanistan: Pine nuts. Afghans love their nuts. They sell them from huge wheelbarrows by the pound or baggie. 

Pine nuts still in the shell (Photo: Farrukh/Flickr)

Laos: Fried bats. Although we are adventurous eaters, fried bat was just one step too far … but they were available for anyone in the mood. And we were assured that it tastes like chicken. Naturally.

The Maldives: Short Eats is the ubiquitous term for the 4 p.m., fried street snack enjoyed by local Maldivians. They come in many varieties and are typically stuffed with minced tuna and super spicy Maldivian chiles. 

Each Short Eats variety is completely delicious. (Photo: Jo Piazza)

Malaysia: Rojak means “an awesome mixture.” It includes egg, meat, a little bit of pastry, and peanut sauce, all bundled up in a plastic bag. (Peanut sauce is the ketchup of the Malaysian night market.) Just stick a fork in it.

Tastiness in a bag (Photo: Jo Piazza)

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Huge mount of Covrigi (Photo: Wandering Angel/Flickr)

Romania: Covrigi is a hot pretzel covered in poppy seeds instead of salt, and it is sold right on the street. Perfect with a beer.

Islak burgers (Photo: Agnes Chan/Flickr)

Turkey: The Islak Hamburger is wildly popular on the streets of Istanbul. You definitely want two or three of this garlic meatball on a very tiny bun. 

Choripan (Photo: Nyall & Mayanne/Flickr)

Argentina: Choripan is a barbecued sausage wrapped in crusty toasted French bread, the perfect mixture of Argentina’s Latin and European cultures. 

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