Sienna Miller Attended Back-to-Back Events in the Same Dress, and Threw on a Coat for a Fresh Look

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Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller wearing the Burberry dress she rocked at two events in one evening. (Photo: Getty Images)

Every now and then, celebrities have to attend more than one event in a day, sometimes within a few short hours. Usually, because they can afford to and they have stylists doing all the work, they wear a different outfit to each one. Jessica Alba wearing three different outfits in one day during fashion week is a prime example. But once in a blue moon, a celebrity shows their human side and doesn’t bother changing between events — and that’s exactly what Sienna Miller did Monday night.

Miller attended both the celebration for her short film “The Tale of Thomas Burberry,” at Burberry Soho, and the Letters to Andy Warhol exhibition opening. She unsurprisingly wore Burberry to the film’s event, and since it’s such a timeless yet versatile look, we don’t blame her for wearing the same outfit to the exhibit opening after. Miller donned a gold lace minidress that was partially see-through and had cold-shoulder cutouts. The dress was extremely delicate looking, as if someone whipped it up by stitching together different pieces of high-end French silk lace. She looked dainty yet racy, couture yet down-to-earth.

Now, as on board as we are with rocking one look to two events, it’s not something celebs typically do, so of course the actress added something to differentiate one look from the other. For the Andy Warhol exhibit opening, Miller added a long oversize navy-green overcoat that made the outfit even more down-to-earth.


Sienna Miller poses
Miller threw a coat over her Burberry dress to change the look. (Photo: Getty Images)

Her hair and makeup played up the opposite ends of the spectrum, with her signature bedhead chic strands offset by a sophisticated rich red lip.

Just another reason to love Sienna Miller: She doesn’t care what people think of sporting the same (stunning) outfit to two different events. And if she can wear the same outfit more than once, so can we.

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