Secret Menu Items Actually Worth Going For

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
January 15, 2014

This  gem of a video from Buzzfeed reminds us that a lot of fast food chains offer “secret” items on their menus. Items that everyone on the Internet has outed already. Items that sound, quite frankly, disgusting ( Sour Apple Caramel Frappuccino? No.). Except for these:

Chick-fil-a Fried Club: Chick-fil-a’s club sandwich is good, but why would you order anything from Chick-fil-a that didn’t involve fried chicken? Enter the “fried club,” in which fried chicken is substituted for the normal grilled version.

In-N-Out Fries Well-Done: You thought we were going to say something about Animal-Style, didn’t you? No, our pick for favorite In-N-Out secret menu item is much simpler. Order your fries “well-done” and they’ll come four seconds shy of burnt—in a good way. Think of fry-shaped potato chips.

Starbucks’ Coldbuster Tea: The website Starbucks Secret Menu catalogs Starbucks baristas’ wacky concoctions, not all of which are official menu items. That doesn’t mean you can’t try to order one, though! We’d go for the Coldbuster right about now: it’s a Venti-size cup filled with half hot water and half lemonade, one bag of Refresh Tea (mint) and one bag of Calm Tea (chamomile), and honey. See if you’re still coughing after that.

Sonic’s Frito PieNow that you know what Frito Pie is, why not try ordering it from a Sonic in the south?

Taco Bell Lava: This writer’s disapproval was overthrown when colleagues gasped with amazement at the existence of this next trick. Supposedly, Taco Bell fans can “Lava Anything,” which means they can add the Volcano Taco’s signature spicy, cheesy Lava Sauce to any item on the menu.