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Knee Defender

We start with the knee defender. It’s designed to protect your knees against reclining airplane seats. But what it really needs to protect is your face from the fist of an angry passenger who desperately wants to recline.

Ridiculous Travel Accessories That Will Drive Other Passengers Nuts

Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
September 17, 2015

Yesterday, the travel world went into a frenzy over a little $22 device called the knee defender that caused quite the scuffle on a United Airlines flight. The plastic attachment clips onto the seat, and prevents the person sitting in front of you from reclining. It is banned by most U.S. carriers, yet a man tried to use it on a flight and really annoyed the woman in front of him. Words were exchanged, drinks were thrown, and eventually the plane was diverted to Chicago and the two offenders were taken off of the plane.

The knee defender is just one of the many obnoxious travel accessories on the market today. We’ve gathered up a few others that will definitely drive your fellow passengers bonkers.