#RealTravel: Planning a Father-Daughter Vacation

Yahoo TravelJune 12, 2014

We know that real-life travel isn’t what you read about in glossy magazines or see on the Travel Channel.

We want to hear what it’s like when you—our readers—go on vacation.

In this special Father’s Day edition of #RealTravel, we’re focusing on a Yahoo! colleague of ours: a dad who wants to take his first vacation with his 21-year-old daughter.

Who: Michael Manas, Executive in Charge of Production for Yahoo! Studios, New York

Travel Partner: Michael’s 21-year-old daughter Lindsey, a recent SUNY Geneseo graduate who’s looking to work in fashion in the digital industry

Why now?: Now that Michael’s little girl is a grown-up college grad, the time is finally right to travel together. “Dads and daughters go through phases,” Michael says. “You’re really close… You’re not so close… You’re really close…  ‘Oh, I’m so close with Mom…’ ‘Oh, Dad’s the biggest jerk…!’” Plus, Michael believes that back in his daughter’s teen years, she might have found the idea of going away with her dad “a little creepy.”

But that’s all changed. “I feel much closer to my daughter in the past couple of years,” Michael says. “We’re now at this point of our relationship where she really takes my insights, my experience, my advice as something very relatable.

“We see each other now as two people who can really travel and really enjoy each other together.”

Past Trips: Plenty of family trips with Michael, his wife, and Lindsey, who’s an only child.  “Cape May, Cape Cod… We like capes, “ Michael jokes. The family went to Bermuda last summer.

Why not bring Mom this time?: Mom’s already had solo travel time with their daughter. “My wife has shared some lovely experiences [with Lindsey], such as Turks and Caicos and Ireland,” Michael says. But now it’s his turn. “I really desire to have that one-on-one time with her… that closeness,” Michael says. “It would just be something I would really value and cherish greatly.” 

Michael’s wife has already taken a mother-daughter trip with Lindsey to Ireland. Now it’s Michael’s turn (Photo: Thinkstock)

Where do they want to go?: For their first father-daughter trip, Michael wants to repeat a sweet memory from Lindsey’s childhood: taking her to her first rock concert. This time, he wants a more international flavor. “We’d love to go someplace… not so much a festival, but a place where we can go to a great venue and see someone we both really like in someplace [that’s] removed… different.” They’re thinking about Europe sometime in winter.

Michael wants to take his daughter to a rock concert at an exotic European location. One possibility: Dalhalla in Sweden (Photo: KJ Vogelius/Flickr)

What he hopes to get out of this trip: “That experience of spending that time, just the two of us, in a remote location where nothing’s familiar around us and just navigate it together and really get into the joy of this next chapter of our relationship.”