Porróning: Extreme Drinking Technique That’s Like Classy Beer Funneling

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor
April 30, 2014

This week in awesome, four women sommeliers take to the streets of New York City with the Spanish party-starting drinking vessel of choice: the porrón. Although the porrón, an oddly shaped glass container with a super-thin pouring spout, is traditionally used to pour wine at Spanish dinner parties, passed from guest to thirsty guest, here it is used for what can only be called “extreme pours.”

What does that mean? It means gangsta sommeliers in sunglasses running around a big city with a porrón and seeing just how far they can pour into each others’ mouths. (It’s reminiscent of the toss-popcorn-into-your-friend’s-mouth trick, but with booze.) Most of the time, the gal somms hit their targets, but some of the time, the thirsty recipients end up doused. And seem not to care a whit.

The video, published by the booze-centric online magazine Punch, may remind you of something else, the classic 1994 Beastie Boys video “Sabotage," and that’s on purpose. Punch Editor-in-Chief Talia Baiocchi let us know our guess was “dead on,” and that the video’s producer/director Tony Biancosino (of Fatstache Media) and editor, Rommel Garcia, “are big Beastie Boys fans, and they’ve both directed/shot a ton of music videos in the past.”

Nice. Despite the requisite “do not try this at home” warning, you’ll probably want to figure out which of your friends owns a porrón as soon as possible after watching this. Baiocchi says it’s traditionally “used for everything from red wine to Cava,” but that in this video they’re drinkin’ Txakolina, a “slightly fizzy, high-acid wine from the Basque region commonly poured from the porrón,” and which is typically meant to be poured from a height.

"For the video we used Ameztoi Rubentis Rosado, one of my favorite pink txakolinas,” says Baiocchi, so, you know, you could also just buy a bottle, put the Beasties on the stereo, stand on a stepstool, and pour that into glasses out of the bottle. You’ll still make a mess, and if it makes you feel more badass, you can wear shades while doing so. 

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