Yahoo TravelMay 8, 2014


Episode 4: The Bacon Bacon Truck 

A gastronomic tour of San Francisco isn’t complete if you don’t visit a food truck. Confession: I really love bacon. Maybe a little too much, so when I noticed that Bacon Bacon followed me on Twitter, I was curious. We found them at the Soma StrEat Food Park one glorious lunchtime and proceeded to feast on some seriously good food. The park a great spot to kick back and taste a lot of delicious food. 

Photo: Melanie Dunea.

WHAT: Bacon Bacon Truck 

WHY GO: The absolute highlight is the bouquet of bacon served in parchment paper (see below). Pure bacon bliss. Some of the other top hits include a grilled cheese with bacon jam and bacon fried chicken. Need I say more?

Photo: Melanie Dunea.

WHEN AND WHERE  TO GO: Though I caught up with it at the Soma StrEat Food Park beware, because the truck moves around each day! To catch it check their online  schedule

I HEARD: Owner Jim Angelus is really tight with his famous cousin — Robert Downey Jr. 

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