You're 8 Bucks Away from Better Cocktails

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor
December 11, 2013

Photo credit: Getty Images. 

Prosecco is the flour of the alcohol world. Have it on hand and you’re a heartbeat away from pre-dinner Kir royales for friends, bellinis and mimosas for a foxy brunch, or postprandial granitas.

Champagne’s cheap-date little sister also mixes well with most fruits and juices, whether it’s thick mango juice from the grocery store or blackberries stomped by artisanal elves in Portland, OR. Heck, you can even whip it right into a sorbet.

It doesn’t cost a pretty penny, makes a great last-minute gift, and, most obviously, means you’re always ready to celebrate something. As far as we’re concerned, that’s just a good way to live.

Here are a few of our favorite things to do with prosecco. Buy a bottle for your fridge now, thank us later.

1. Prosecco + Crème de Cassis: A classic. A tiny bit of crème de cassis goes into the glass. Top with prosecco. You get pretty pink cocktails. Everyone thinks you’re a genius.

2. Prosecco + Smashed Stone Fruit: This works best in the height of summer, when everything is oh-so-informal. Mash up some cherries in a Mason jar with sugar and a spoon. (In the cold months, cranberry can pinch-hit.) Top with bubbly. 

3. Prosecco + More Booze: Gin and prosecco are BFFs. Play around with citrus juice, mint and sugar muddled together; top with gin. Add a lemon twist and you’ve got yourself a riff on the classic French 75.

4. Prosecco + Jam: The tiniest dab of apricot jam in the bottom of a flute adds a floral, summery note to a cocktail even in the dead of winter.

5. Prosecco + Sugarcube + Bitters: Soak that sugar cube in a dash or two of bitters for a classic Champagne cocktail.

6. Prosecco + Aperol + Club Soda: It’s never a bad time for a citrusy, bright spritzer. Combine these three ingredients and garnish with lime for an insta-cocktail. 

7. Prosecco + Ginger: Imagine a spicy rendition of prosecco! So good. Simply boil peeled, chopped ginger with a touch of sugar and water in a saucepan until syrupy. Strain the syrup, discarding the solids. Pour ginger syrup into flute; top with bubbly.

8. Champagne + Bourbon + Vanilla: Make a simple syrup containing a vanilla bean. Combine a couple of tablespoons with a shot of bourbon in a flute. Cover with bubbly.

9. Prosecco + Granita: Granita is that icy, summery treat you keep in the freezer and scrape into glasses. Finish with prosecco and it’s that much better. (Sorbet works, too––like an ice cream float, only fizzier.)

10. Prosecco + Rum + Mint: Mojitos don’t get to have all the fun. Muddle mint with lime and simple syrup, add rum, a touch of bitters, and ice. Shake, strain, and top (you know the drill by now) with prosecco.