How Many Mugs Did It Take to Get Miley the Right One?

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
July 24, 2014

Pharrell’s “Come Get it Bae” music video dropped yesterday, featuring bossy ladies of all shapes and sizes working what their mammas gave them. God bless Pharrell, his jaunty cap, and his positive attitude. 

The video also contains a cameo by Miley—she of the Gene Simmons-esque tongue—jumping all around like she’s on a sugar high.

Because she was!

“We had four different canisters of sugar, filled and ready to go, but she was pretty smooth on this one,” said Heather Farah, art director for the video, of Miley’s sugar-pouring scene. As for the smiley face mug that gets some camera (and Miley) time, “I shopped for over 30 different mugs to have options,” Farah told us. 

There were pink owl mugs, there were brass knuckle-handled mugs, there were blingy mugs, there were mugs with vinyl stickers in “every color imaginable.” But Farah, production designer Terry Whittaker, and miss Miley settled on the happy yellow face mug, which came straight from Whittaker’s own prop house. “It really fit with Miley’s personality and looked great against the blue couch in the video,” said Farah. 

So where are all those mugs now? “We return what we can, just to put money back into the production, and a lot of things get donated to charity,” Darah told us. The smiley mug is back in the prop house. “That one might be retired now, since we used it already.” As is the destiny of all mugs that have already lived sugar-filled, exciting lives, “it’s probably now going to be an office mug.”