Nate Berkus Packs WHAT in His Suitcase? It'll Surprise You

UntitledApril 29, 2014

Interior-design guru Nate Berkus knows how to put together a room—and a suitcase. The host of American Dream Builders” was nice enough to let us take a look at how he packs.

Nate Berkus, a man who knows how to pack a bag. (Photo: Penn State)

“When my fiancé Jeremiah and I first met, he would come and visit me with a duffel bag, and there’d be one shoe in it—not the pair,” Berkus said about his soon-to-be husband, while celebrating the fifth anniversary of Charm & Chain in New York City. “Now, the inside of his suitcase literally looks like a Japanese Bento Box. He’s put me to shame, and I thought I was a really good packer.”

Here, Nate—who has more packing cred than he gives himself credit for—tells us the 10 things he won’t board a plane without:

1. Cashmere Shawl: I wear it on planes. I’ve had the same one for 10 years. It’s super soft and desperately needs to be taken in and tailored to have the holes filled. I bought it in Istanbul.

2. Bose Headphones: Always.

Bose’s SoundTrue headphones. (Courtesy: Bose)

3. iPad: I shop on planes—usually One Kings Lane, 1stdibs, and The RealReal. I never watch movies on my iPad, but Jeremiah does.

4. Vintage APC Jeans: I wear them all the time.

(Courtesy: APC Jeans)

5. Magazines: There’s a stack that I leave on the plane or give to the flight attendants. My go-tos are Vanity Fair, Town & Country, ELLE Décor, House Beautiful, and Dwell.

6. Celine Espadrilles: They pack flat and are really light. You can wear them to a party or the beach.

Celine Espadrilles in pony orange. (Courtesy: Celine)

7. Nuts: Cashews and almonds are always in my bag.

8.  A Real Book: I don’t use a Kindle. I like to hold a book; I like folding down the pages. Reading on a screen feels like work to me. I just read a paperback called “Property,” a severe story of a self-involved woman living on a plantation in Louisiana in the 19th century.

“Property,” a novel by Valerie Martin. (Courtesy: Amazon)

9. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: I will answer the door to room service with pink dots all over my face, because it’s the best thing for acne.

(Courtesy: Mario Bedescu)

10. Sonicare Toothbrush: With an extra head, for Jeremiah.

11. Our Dog: He’s a really good boy, and he likes to go wherever we go.

(You can tune into Berkus’ show Sundays on NBC at 8/7c.) 

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