Be Like Brad Pitt and Have a Beer (Cocktail)

Rachel Tepper Paley
May 19, 2014

Over the weekend, mega-superstars Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey both found themselves in New Orleans and, as fate would have it, hanging out on balconies opposite one other. In an impressive show of celebrity bonhomie, Pitt tossed McConaughey a beer, and everyone watching from the street below freaked.

It’s tough to say what dialogue was shouted between the two actors, but one hopes it went something like this:

Brad: “Yo, Matthew!”

Matthew: “Yo, bro! This is too rad, us two huge celebrities being in the same place and all!”

Brad: “I know, right? Want a beer? I know you love Lone Star.”

Matthew: “Alright, alright, alright!”

(Catches beer)

Brad: “Try it in a cocktail! I myself am partial to the ‘Redneck Mother,’ a potent mix of ruby red grapefruit juice, sloe gin, ginger beer, and Lone Star beer!”

In our imagination, Brad trolls cocktail blogs. But even in reality, the Redneck Mother cocktail sounds like a dream and a half. The libation is the brainchild of Nancy Mitchell of The Backyard Bartender; the sloe gin and ginger beer add a touch of sweetness, while grapefruit juice and beer lend a certain tart buoyancy. 

It’s the perfect drink to sip on a balcony in New Orleans.

The Redneck Mother
From The Backyard Bartender
Serves 1

1 ounce freshly-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice
3/4 ounce sloe gin
1 can of Lone Star beer
1/2 bottle of ginger beer (or more, depending on how sweet you want the drink)

Pour sloe gin and grapefruit juice into a pint glass or mason jar. Fill glass to the halfway mark with Lone Star beer, then top with ginger beer and serve.