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A Gift for My Daughter: Elmo's Trip to Costa Rica

Lucky for Elmo, monsters don’t need passports. He’s always ready to go!

A Gift for My Daughter: Elmo's Trip to Costa Rica

Laura Begley Bloom
September 17, 2015

Any parents who travel for work will agree that it’s painful to leave your young child behind. And though it might sound glamorous to be sent on assignment to a place like Costa Rica, the guilt stings even more when you’re headed solo to a family-friendly vacation destination.

So on a recent business trip to the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, I snuck one of my daughter Lucy’s Elmo dolls into my carry-on. Call it my 3D version of Flat Stanley: I thought it would be a fun way to send her dispatches from my journey. I know this isn’t my idea alone. I once met a photographer who was too scared to tell his daughter that her bunny had died, so he told her that the bunny had gone traveling. And everywhere he went he sent a postcard written by the bunny, postmarked from somewhere in the world.

Ever the sport, Elmo was happy to come along for the adventure, joining me for surfing lessons, making ceviche, and even for a tour of local food spots. I got a few strange looks from locals. But no matter, Lucy loved getting the emails with photos of Mommy and Elmo on the road.

Here’s a peek into our vacation photo album.