One Sweet, Easy Berry Sauce for Almost Any Dessert

Yahoo FoodJuly 4, 2014

Macerated Berry Topping

Our preferred finishing touch for summer goes well with ice cream, pancakes, and shortcake.

Combine Berries and Sugar
Yep, all you need is a mixture of berries and sugar. Give it the occasional stir and watch the transformation.

One Juicy Sauce
After 45 minutes, you’ll have this vibrant, juicy sauce.

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S’mores With More
Switch out the graham cracker for a biscuit cookie (we like Le Petit Beurres) and trade the chocolate for our luscious berry mixture, spooned over the toasted marshmallow. Serve open-faced, and be sure to pass the napkins.

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Try a Fizzy Fresh-Berry Float
Alternate the macerated berries with scoops of ice cream, and top it all off with seltzer.

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