Itty-Bitty Foods for Baby Showers

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor

Showers for little humans are happening in abundance this time of year, and there’s no better time to serve adorable portions of food, packaged adorably. (You already know we’re partial to multitasking dads, cooking while holding tiny babies with tiny baby legs and feet and toes.) So here are some favorite itty-bitty recipes. Try not to squeal too much. 

Baby Chocolate Puddings

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

You’ve gotta have chocolate. People will panic without it. (And how sweet are these tiny shooters of chocolate pudding?)


Photo credit: Food52

Financiers can go savory or sweet. These contain sage and brown butter, but you can also mix seasonal blackberries or blueberries into the batter.  

Mini Cornbread Muffins

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

There’s something about buttery cornbread that just knocks people out, and they’re extra-delightful in teeny form. And may we suggest serving some roasted strawberries with these babies? 

Mini Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

No one turns these down in the heart of ice cream season. No one.

Padrón Peppers

Photo credit: Stockfood

Sometimes you need a classy, high-end, super-savory, super-salty treat at your fiesta. Padrón peppers? Pro move. We take ours with a fat slice of lemon.


Photo credit: Martha Stewart

Obviously you’re not serving these with noodles—that’s madness for a passed appetizer—but meatballs served on toothpicks is a smart choice if you have an otherwise sweet menu. 


Photo credit: JeffreyW, Flickr

Got an Italian market near you? Great. Some will sell you cannoli shells that you can fill with a creamy, sweet ricotta cheese mixture at home. The last-minute preparation is the only way to do cannoli; otherwise they get soggy. No? Then make these.

Adorable. You win.