You're Funny, New York

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

In the dog days of summer, when coffee shop and bar regulars are taking weekends by the shore, the people who work at said coffee shop and bars can get a little bored. And you know what they say: Boredom breeds creativity.

Actually, they don’t say that, but we’ve found it to be true, at least in this case. Here are six of the funnier signs we’ve seen outside New York City dining and drinking establishments this summer. 

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The pop culture-aware (The Annex, Fort Greene; Photo credit: Julia Bainbridge)

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The no-frills (Thistle Hill Tavern, Park Slope; Photo credit: Alex Van Buren)

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The honest (Gotham West Market, Manhattan; Photo credit: Ashlea Halpern)

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The quirky (The Commodore, Williamsburg; Photo credit: Julia Bainbridge)

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The cheesy, but still funny (Stinky Brooklyn, Cobble Hill; Photo credit: Rachel Tepper)

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The inspirational (Joseph Leonard, Manhattan; Photo credit: Julia Bainbridge)