Ikea Plans to Serve Vegetarian Meatballs

Yahoo FoodApril 23, 2014

Following its dark horse meatball days of 2012-13 and its subsequent announcement of "farm to fork" traceability standards, Ikea says it’ll roll out brand-new vegetarian (but not vegan) meatballs next year to offset the hefty carbon footprint of its regular Swedish meatballs, which are made from beef and pork. “A chicken meatball and a veggie ball are under development and will complement our [standard] meatball offer next year,” a company spokesperson told the Telegraph. In addition to their sustainability factor, the new varieties speak to the overall enduring power of the Ikea meatball — including, apparently, the equine kind. “We had people begging us to put them back on the menu whatever was in them,” an executive said.

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