How to Make Cheese Toast in Your Office Kitchen

Yahoo FoodMay 1, 2014

As a defiant response to Sad Desk Lunches, the Food52 team works to keep our midday meals both interesting and pretty. Each week, we’ll be sharing our happiest desk lunches — and we want to see yours, too.

Today: Put your office’s toaster oven to good use — make yourself some cheese toast.

How to Make Cheese Toast at Work
How to Make Cheese Toast at Work

Your office kitchen likely has a toaster oven, painted Pollock-style with burnt remnants of work lunches past. It is the dark horse of the entire room — and cheese toast is the best thing it can do for you. Because if there is any sort of hole in your heart or unidentifiable yearning in your soul, melted cheese and crispy bread will fill it 99% of the time, spackling the nooks and crannies of your ennui.

Cheese toast — simply a slice of toast topped with melted, just-browned cheese — will solve all your problems.

First, the toast: I like a thick slice of sourdough, which maintains a layer of chew between its crispy faces. Avoid overly hole-y loaves, as cheese will leak through their cracks. Once it’s golden, layer it with cheese that melts, then pop it back into your mini-oven until it bubbles and browns. If you’d like to embellish, swipe your bread with mayo or mustard first. 

More: If you’re working from home, take a few extra minutes and make this Ooey Gooey Toasted Cheese. With mayo.

The result is an open-faced grilled cheese to cure what ails you. For lunch, pair it with a big salad, and you can even call it a balanced meal. But it also makes a mean snack.

Ooey Gooey Toasted Cheese 

Serves 4

Really good crusty bread (I used rosemary sourdough)
1 1/2 cup very sharp cheddar, shredded
tablespoon mustard (Dijon or Colman’s)
teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
teaspoon mayonnaise
pinch thyme
teaspoon finely minced onion
egg yolk
Black pepper, to taste

  1. Preheat the broiler. Butter one side of two large (or four small) thick slices of bread and toast under the broiler until brown. Flip them over onto a cookie sheet.
  2. Mix the remaining ingredients and spread them onto the bread. Return them to the oven and cook for a couple more minutes until puffed, browned, and bubbly. Grind fresh pepper on top.
  3. I served this with a simple butter lettuce and chive salad with balsamic vinaigrette (aged balsamic, Dijon, olive oil, salt, and pepper). The sweet vinegar and mustard are a great match.

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