How Does Calvin Harris Take His Eggs?

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

How Does Calvin Harris Take His Eggs?

For Saturday Night Live’s season finale this weekend, Andy Samberg revived the digital short by playing Davvincii, a DJ who draws self-portraits and fries eggs during “performances.” 

Yes, “performances.” Because are they really PERFORMANCES? “Ever wonder what world-class DJs like David Guetta actually do when they’re performing live, besides just waving their hands in the air and whipping their shaggy golden manes around?” asks Time. It’s not as if they’re scratching vinyl; it’s all computerized, requiring just a press of a button and a wink of an eye. 

So Davvincii fries his eggs. How do the others take theirs?

Calvin Harris: The man behind Rihanna’s anthemic “We Found Love” raked in $46 million last year. His eggs are poached, with a sprinkling of gold leaf

Skrillex: He earned three Grammys “for putting dubstep on the musical map,” says Forbes. While dubstep comes from south London, its roots lie in Jamaican dub and reggae, so we say Skrillex’s eggs are scrambled and topped with Scotch bonnet pepper sauce.

David Guetta: Née Pierre David Guetta, he’s a Frenchman. Eggs en cocotte for him. 

Kaskade: Big in the house music scene, Kaskade is a clean-cut Illinois boy. He straight-up hard boils his eggs and eats them on the go. The peeling is part of the “performance.”

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