Holy Matrimony! The Top Honeymoon Destinations Pinned on Pinterest

Jo Piazza
Managing Editor
May 5, 2014

We are just going to come out and say it: Sometimes the honeymoon is just way more exciting and interesting than the actual wedding.

So, of course brides (and the women who aspire to be brides) are using Pinterest to craft aspirational itineraries of their perfect post-wedding vacation.

From the ivory shores of Honolulu to the wilderness of Maine, four United States destinations made the list of top fifteen destinations dreamed about on Pinterest. For global destinations Paris, Puerto Vallarta and Lisbon are in the top five. 

Check out who else made the cut:

1. Honolulu

(Photo: Len Langevin)

2. Paris

(Photo: Stephen Walford Photo)

3. Puerto Vallarta

(Photo: Danny Buxton)

4. San Francisco

(Photo: Thinkstock)

5. Lisbon

6. Saint Martin

7. Belize

(Photo: Thinkstock)

8. Charleston/Savannah

9. Thailand

(Photo: Thinkstock)

10. Ireland

11. Maine

12. Italy

(Photo: Thinkstock)

13. Samoa

14. Namibia

15. Marseille

(Photo: Thinkstock)