Hey, Beyonce and Jay Z: What Happens in THESE Hotels, Stays in These Hotels

Paula Froelich
Editor at Large
May 13, 2014


Jay Z and Beyonce at the Met Gala, pre-fight. (Photo: Reuters.)

The interwebs exploded yesterday when TMZ released a security tape from the Standard Hotel, Highline, in New York City that appears to show Solange Knowles viciously attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z in an elevator while her sister Beyonce stood by and watched.

Asked about the video on Monday by The Associated Press, the hotel issued a statement saying it is “shocked and disappointed that there was a clear breach of our security system.”

Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange exit the Standard Hotel, post fight. (Photo: Splash News)

While most people wondered, “Just what did Jay Z say or do to Solange to have her go off like that?” others are wondering, “What the heck happened to privacy?” and “Is nothing sacred anymore?”

Hotels have long been the last bastion of privacy—what happens in a hotel used to stay in a hotel. But now the rules have changed—and it’s all about the Benjamins. Speculation is the tape was sold by someone in the hotel’s security division for a lot of money.

Jo Piazza, a Yahoo Travel editor and author of “Celebrity, Inc.,” said, “That tape sold for at least $250,000.”

So, while the security person who sold the tape may be out of a job, in one night he or she made several years worth of salary.

And that has the industry worried.

Peter Krulewitch, president of Kingston Investors, a real estate investment firm that has a stake in the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, said, “Most hotels have cameras in their elevators for security and there is a high level of expectation of privacy. This (leak) is a grievous lapse of security. People should expect privacy in a hotel—what happens there stays there. We’ve never had any incident. If this happened in our hotel we’d interview everybody who had access, fire them, and bring action against them. When somebody does that they’re stealing something that is yours and selling it.”

So what’s a high profile person to do?

Yahoo Travel has picked five high-end hotels across the country that are crawling with celebs and have never have leaks:

The Soho Beach House, Miami: The chicest place to stay on the beach, the Soho House’s “Beach House” is known as the “grown up” place to stay in South Beach. It’s hard to get in and no one will jeopardize their membership by risking a leak.

 Essex House, New York: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stay here all the time … for a reason. No one has ever leaked anything about them or what they’ve done in an elevator–and you KNOW they’ve done stuff in an elevator!

 The Clift, San Francisco: A favorite of Gwen Stefani and Leonardo DiCaprio’s, the Clift Hotel promises discretion–and delivers. Stars feel comfortable staying here because they know whatever they do, no one will know. Unless they want them to.

Sunset Tower Hotel, L.A.: Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Sean Penn, and Charlize Theron pack this hotel every night to eat at the hotel’s famed restaurant—and often stay in the rooms.

The Peninsula, Beverly Hills:  Everyone from Cher and Jessica Alba to producer Harvey Weinstein stays at the Peninsula, especially during Oscar season. And nary a peep has been heard about their peccadillos.

Below, is the original video of Solange attacking Jay Z that everyone is talking about.