Healthy Recipes That Won't Bore You To Death

Sarah McColl
Editor in Chief
January 9, 2014

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that bourbon is a balm for bad days, that there are few things sriracha can’t do, and that eating healthfully, which feels de rigueur this time of year, need not be a sad slog through steamed broccoli and dry chicken breasts. We have the right to bear colorful, flavor-packed plates on our laps during "The Mindy Project" and to fit in our pants again.

These recipes fit the bill. They’re loaded with winter superfoods like beets and kale, hearty grains (that aren’t brown rice), and the lean proteins nutritionists are always talking about (we believe, too, in the restorative powers of a steak, always). And there a few surprises along the way to keep your meals full of surprise and whimsy. Cue the robust saltiness of an anchovy, a bright shower of pomegranate seeds across your morning pancakes, and…is that avocado in my chocolate mousse? Sure is. 

1. Avocado Toast with Curry Oil

2. Golden Beet Carpaccio with Sunflower Sprouts

3. Steamed Cod with Ginger and Scallions

4. Jeweled Millet